Staging Your Home In The Main Living Space

Dated: 07/25/2020

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This is a continuation of my blog on staging. Once the exterior of the house has been staged and is inviting prospective buyers into your home, you will want to concentrate on the main living space. Here are some tips:

1. We all know- Declutter! Rent a storage space and pack-up all those items that you are not using, including those personal photos!

2. Get rid of furnishings that are not essential. This creates a more spacious appearance for prospective buyers. 

3. Move furnishings away from the walls and create conversation areas appropriate to your space. 

4. If you open living space includes the kitchen, clear as much off the counters as possible (Including appliances!). The less, the better!

5. Regroup wall decor using the largest pieces on the largest wall and grouping smaller pieces together. Again, this creates the illusion of a larger space. 

6. Prospective buyers love light! Brighten up the window treatments with lighter drapes or blinds, and add some light fixtures or lamps to dark areas of your space. 

7. Use pillows and throws to create or continue a color palate within your space. This helps create a flow of your space and makes prospective buyers want to explore more of the hose. 

8. Make sure everything is clean. Freshly paint the room if needed, and don't forget the trim! 

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